Why is packaging so important?

Packaging is part of the G.O. Fresh strategy for maximizing safety, freshness and shelf life.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP):

We select films with specific permeability levels, matched to the unique respiration

rates of individual products. Using MAP films allow fresh-cut products to continue

breathing while also slowing their respiration rate, reducing the loss of moisture, and inhibiting production of metabolic heat causing yellowing, browning and decay.

Packaging is a first line of defense against external microbial contamination causing spoilage, loss of nutrients and loss of aesthetic qualities (flavor, color, texture, appearance)

Packaging protects fragile produce from impact damage and compression bruising. Our rigid containers are sturdy enough to withstand the trauma of transportation and handling without injury to the contents.

Our easy-to-handle, rigid containers are stackable to conserve valuable space in the end-user’s cooler

Temperature control & modified atmosphere packaging work as a team to maintain freshness, extend shelf life and ensure safety.

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