Midwest’s Top Processor of Fresh, Pre-cut Fruits & Vegetables

Foodservice Operators

In all foodservice segments, the competition to win new customers, increase check size and earn loyal, repeat patrons is more intense than ever.

G.O. Fresh helps foodservice operators overcome competitive challenges and improve profits.


Operators Problem:

n Rising minimum wage

n High employee turn-over

n Lost hours of productivity training new hires

Using pre-cut fruits and vegetables reduces labor costs

fewer cooks helpers are needed for prep

Pre-cut reduces training time in high turnover positions

Get consistently great flavor and quality, uniform

pre-cut sizes and shapes to meet customer expectations for consistency

Reduce incidents of kitchen accidents and

workman’s comp claims

Save on kitchen equipment and cooler space

Reduce waste disposal expense

Gain inventory control, reduce shrinkage and spoilage

n Inconsistent food quality or taste

n High insurance rates

n High overhead

Control food costs with standardized recipes

and portion control

Predictable yields

Save by paying only for useable product,

100% ready-to-use

Stable pricing

Reduce and control inventory

Efficient purchasing procedures

Useable across multiple menu-categories,

throughout the day

n High food costs

n Even higher customer expectations for taste, quality, variety, freshness

Especially for Consumers:

G.O Fresh satisfies consumer desire for taste and meets their growing demands for safe, wholesome choices.

Fresh flavor, texture, aroma and color

Perfect for ethnic cuisines and creating exciting “new flavors”

100% natural, healthful

Better choices helps address the problem of childhood obesity

Especially for Chefs:

Tired of preparing the same old thing? Looking for cost-effective ways to show your creativity and differentiate your menu from your competitors? Focus on creating signature dishes with distinctive flavors, superior taste and appearance.

Customers love a "made from scratch" appearance and flavor. Using G.O. Fresh products as a high quality ingredient in your house specialties lets you be both competitive and innovative.

The current popularity of small plates is giving chefs an array of new opportunities to use G.O. Fresh products. Diners are willing and eager to try new taste sensations, as long as it’s a small portion and the “risk” is being shared with table-mates. Chefs can now prepare high-margin dishes with a focus on intense, complex flavors. And diners are willing to pay more for perceived high-value dishes!

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